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Warranty Policy

Thank you for your purchase, for the sake of excellent of our product, we certify that the end user is entitled to this warranty subject to the terms and conditions as below: 


Limited Warranty Terms & Conditions

Memory Foam Bedding Series
Pillow: 1 year 
Topper: 3 years 
Mattress: Depends on the mattress model

Ergonomics Desk and Chair Series
Desk: 3 years structural maintenance 
Chair: 1 year structural maintenance

Electronic Desk Series
Desk: 2 years structural maintenance
QI Charger: 1 year structural maintenance


Bed Frame Series
Depends on the bed frame model

Massage Product Series

Massage Chairs: 
2 years structural maintenance

Other Massage Products:
1 year structural maintenance

Smart Living Series
1 year structural maintenance


Display products

0.5 year structural maintenance

General Terms

1.  Warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the product. 
2.  Warranty service is only valid if the original invoice is presented.  Photocopies or faxed copies will not be accepted.
3.  Door to door inspection service will be provided in the first year at no cost, while HK$300 service fee would be levied starting from        the second year.
4.  Repairing service will be provided once the technician verified the damaged part(s) occurred is (are) under proper use:
     i)  SINOMAX will provide repairing service and parts replacement service while any replaced defective parts will be reserved by            SINOMAX. Cost for individual part refers to the final quotation issued by customer service department.
     ii)  If the product cannot be repaired during the warranty period, SINOMAX will provide a new product at the same price or
     model or even higher price as a replacement.
5.  Warranty service only covers the electronic desk, electronic bed frame, massage series and smart living series. 
     Electrical and electronic appliances are not excluded in the warranty.
6.  Product cannot be repaired if warranty expires.
7.  Warranty and repairing services will be excluded under the below conditions:
     - Failure to follow product usage instruction
     - Improper installation or storage, incorrect voltages and frequencies of electricity, misuse, negligence, intended damage, accident        and natural calamities, or abnormal usage.
     - Products repaired, altered or modified by unauthorized individual or authorization.
     - Natural wear and tear under normal circumstances.
     - Personal comfort preferences
8.  Free installation services will only be provided once along with the delivery. Additional installation and dismantle services will be            charged every time afterward when no product quality issue is invloved (below prices do not include handling and delivery charge).
     - Massaging chair: $1,000
     - Other products: $500
9.  All door to door services are not applicable to outlying islands. Additional HK$100 will be charged for Ma Wan and Tung Chung while      HK$300 is charged for Discovery Bay.
10.  "60 Day Guarantee" is eligible upon purchase of certain mattress models, for campaign terms and 
      condition refers to http://www.sinomax.com/hk/en/news/other/144-60-days.html

Special Remarks- Memory Foam Bedding Series

1.  Damaged part of the mattress will be inspected by SINOMAX technician to decide if warranty service is applicable.
2.  In case of product claim, we reserves the right of professional inspection of the mattress.
3.  Warranty only covers mattress experienced normal loss of resilience under proper usage.
4.  Warranty is not covered for changes and errors caused by mattress use not in accordance with given instructions and warnings.
5.  In case of product claim, we reserves the right of professional inspection of the mattress.
6.  Warranty excludes the following conditions:
     - Normal wear out of mattress cover (including the zipper), mildewed, stain, sagged, torn mattress under improper usage 
     (Handle is designed for positioning the mattress only instead of supporting the weight of whole mattress.)
     - Mattress has been stored incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered, 
       or cleaned with wrong cleaning methods or cleaning products.
     - Wear and tear under normal circumstances, cuts or scratches, abnormal bending, damage caused by impacts or accidents.
     - Damages caused by external factors including but not limited to exposure to the sun, dampness, dust or mites.
     - Personal comfort preferences.
     - Customer cannot provide invoice. (Fading of text on of the invoice is possible.
       It is recommended that customers photocopy the invoice on their own and store the invoice properly.)

Special Remarks for Mattress

1.  Warranty period depends on different mattress series.
2.  Mattress size (Length, Width & Height) might have 2 cm difference, which is a normal condition.
3.  Warranty covers under normal usage, if mattresses sag more than 1.5" or above,
     customers can use a depreciated price to redeem another mattress of same model or grading. 
     (Depreciation will be calculated in ratio of mattress used years to warranty years; Usage less than 1 year will be treated as 1 year.)
4.  Product is made according to fire retardant test, but do not smoke in the bed or use flammable materials on the mattress
     (like matches, cigarettes etc.) and ensure children don’t play with lighters or similar devices on it.
5.  We will provide 20 year limited warranty to the mattress content of specific foam.
     If you make a valid claim under the guarantee within 1 year from the date of delivery, We will provide you with an equivalent              replacement mattress subject to you paying a percentage of the original price of the mattress as follows:

     Year 1: 5% of original purchase price
     Year 2: 10% of original purchase price
     Year 3: 15% of original purchase price
     Year 4: 20% of original purchase price
     Year 5: 25% of original purchase price  
     Year 6: 30% of original purchase price
     Year 7: 35% of original purchase price
     Year 8: 40% of original purchase price
     Year 9: 45% of original purchase price
     Year 10: 50% of original purchase price
     Year 11: 55% of original purchase price
     Year 12: 60% of original purchase price
     Year 13: 65% of original purchase price
     Year 14: 70% of original purchase price
     Year 15: 75% of original purchase price
     Year 16: 80% of original purchase price
     Year 17: 85% of original purchase price
     Year 18: 90% of original purchase price
     Year 19: 95% of original purchase price
     Year 20: 99% of original purchase price

     *Usage less than 1 year will be treated as 1 year.
      *Specific mattress models include: 
        - CEOx Mattress Serie
        - President X Mattress Series
        - First Class Mattress Series
        - OCTASPRING® Mattress Series
        - Magic Mattress Series
        - Hybrid 200 Mattress

Special Remarks for Bed Frame

1.  Warranty period depends on different bed frame model.
2.  Warranty covers bed frames with structural defects.
3.  Warranty excludes bed frame with normal worn out, resilience
     (e.g. abnormal bending and folding, standing or siting on the product’s edge for a long time) and
     improper usage (e.g. providing inadequate support, size too small or uneven surface)

Special Remarks for Smart Living Series

1.  Warranty covers smart living series with structural defects. 

Special Remarks for Massagers Series

1.  Door to door inspection service is limited to Massagers Chair only.
2.  Warranty covers smart living series with structural defects. 
3.  Retrieval service is only applicable to large items such as SinoSensation.
     Portable item such as SinoCuddle Foot Massager should be taken to SINOMAX Lifestore by customer themselves.
4.  Warranty excludes the following conditions
     - Exterior worn out condition due to normal abrasion.
     - Abrasion of spare parts and accessories, including the inner and outer layer of fabric cover, and the exterior case.


Refund / Exchange Terms and Conditions

1.  No refund is applicable for all purchased items.
2.  No exchange if product already unwrapped or discounted product, including size exchanging.
     For wrapped product, exchange must be made at the purchase location (Life Store or counter) within a day after purchase.
     No exchange is applicable afterwards.
     - Within a day of purchase: Size amendment or exchange can be made for standard size or customized products.
     - A day after purchase: For standard size mattress/topper, request in order modification must be made
     at the purchase location (Life Store or counter) within 24 hours after purchase;
     if above request is made after 24 hours of the purchase, such request must be made at least 1 working days prior to
     the delivery date.  
     An administration fee of $500 is required upon each modification on every item other than the product price difference.
     Delivery date will be rescheduled by customer ambassador.
     Price difference will not be refund if the original product is more expensive than the new product.
     However, the administration fee can be reduced by the price difference in such case.
     No exchange is applicable for customized products.
3.  After receiving product: 
     Request in exchange for standard size mattress/topper with original packing must be made via customer service hotline/ 
     purchase life stores or counters within 1 days after delivery/pick-up. Other than the product price difference, 
     an administration fee of $500 is required upon each modification on every item. 
     Price difference will not be refund if the original product is more expensive than the new product. 
     However, the administration fee can be reduced by the price difference in such case. 
     No exchange is applicable after above stated time.
4.  Customers should settle the price differences if customer exchange a product with higher price. 
     No refunded is applicable if customer exchange a product with lower price. 
     Exchange service will not be applicable after applicable exchange period. Price are referred to retail price.
5.  Item for exchange must be returned with original packing and SINOMAX staff reserves the right to judge its eligibility for exchange.
6.  Customer should return all accompany gifts and coupon together with the item for exchange, 
     otherwise, the value of such accompanies will be deducted from the exchanged product.
7.  Details of mattress exchange and refund refer to http://www.sinomax.com/hk/images/term-en.jpg



1.  Customers shall complete full payment for each order before pick-up or delivery.
2.  Bed frame over 60 inches (width) will be folded into half for delivery, excluding side-lifted.
3.  Delivery date will be confirmed 2 days before delivery. 
     The delivery will be rearranged by SINOMAX if no delivery confirmation have been made with customer 2 days before above                estimated delivery date. 
4.  Delivery date and time will be arranged according to customers and SINOMAX schedule. Purchase $10,000 or above, extra $200
     admin fee will be charged if a fixed delivery date or fixed time is requested (delivered within 3-hour-range). Purchase below
     $10,000, extra $400 admin fee will be charged.
5.  Installation and dismantle services will not be applicable to display products.
6.  Retrieval service of massage chairs only limits to chairs with sizes smaller than corridors,
     if the massage chair or parts are too large to be retrieved safely, and
     SINOMAX will not provide additional retrieval services at any other time.
7.  Re-schedule of delivery time should be made 2 working days before the agreed delivery date, or
     an extra $200 will be charged for re-delivery arrangement.
     The new delivery date will be arranged on at least 4 working days after the request is made.
8.  Should delivery attempt failed because nobody was present at the address or for any reasons,
     an extra $200 will be charged for re-delivery arrangement.
     The new delivery date will be at least 4 working days after the request is made.
9.  To ensure the products are in good quality, all re-delivery arrangement of compressed mattress should be made                                  within 4 to 7 working days after the request is made. 
     The order will be voided and the paid amount will be forfeited after this period.
10.  The order will be voided and the paid amount will be forfeited if no acceptance of the delivery is made within 3 months after
     the date of purchase.
     A $500 administration fee will be charged on every single product per month starting from the 4th month after
     the date of purchase.   
11.  Standard size items will be arranged for delivery within 10 days from the date that customer confirmed order delivery date                with customer ambassador,
     delivery date of certain products maybe extended due to the stock on hand issue which will be confirmed by 
     customer ambassador by call.
     For custom-made items, the delivery date will be up to 18 days.
     The deliveries will be suspended under bad weather conditions,
     when typhoon signal No.8 is hosted or black rainstorm warning is in effect. Delivery appointment will be re-arranged.
12.  Delivery date will be special arranged and discussed for any bulk purchase.
13.  Orders below $800 will incur a $200 delivery fee. Purchase $800 or above on eShop / $1,500 or above at our stores
     (based on the transaction amount after discount andafter coupon) will be eligible for free delivery.
     Service is not applicable to outlying islands.
     Extra HK$100 transportation cost is charged for Ma Wan and Tung Chung while HK$300 is charged for Discovery Bay.
14.  For any delivery made to building without lifts or items to be delivered cannot be fitted in the lift,
     customer should pay for staircase handling surcharge calculated by logistic staff according to the actual conditions.
     Customers should pay 50% deposit in cash for any delivery without lift and
     over five floors or above while making the purchase at stores. Staircase handling surcharge:
     - Every seven steps of staircase counted as one floor.
     Other items and toppers: $30 (per piece)
     Mattress: $50-$80 (per piece) 
     (This surcharge is calculated by logistic staff according to the actual conditions and the size of the mattress.)
     Desk and chair: $50-$80 (per piece) 
This surcharge is calculated by logistic staff according to the actual conditions and the mobel of the products.)          
     - Every three steps of staircase counted as one floor.
     Bed frame: $200 
     Massage chair: $200 
     (While making the purchase at stores, customer should pay the remaining amount in cash as deposit
     if the delivery fee is above $1000.)


 Discount Coupon and VIP Bonus Point Scheme

1.  Each HKD 1 will gain 1 point; 100 Points = 1 S-Dollar, which can be transferred as HKD 1 in the next purchase.
2.  Coupon in fixed amount discount will be applied after coupon in fixed percentage amount.
3.  Coupon and S-Dollar gained or used will be deleted and cannot be retrieved in any circumstances including but not limited tovoid,        refund and exchange cases.
4.  Customers must provide VIP information while making the purchase. No VIP point will be reissue if fail to provide.
5.  VIP Point expires 1 year after last purchase. 

**SINOMAX reserves the final right to interpret the terms and conditions herein. The Chinese version shall apply and prevail.

 (2017.12 Version)