“SINOMAX is the industry’s leading expert in visco-elastic health and wellness products. As an integrated enterprise combining research, development, manufacture and sales, SINOMAX is committed to becoming the global leader in health living. ”

Leading position in the mainstream market in the US and in the retail markets in Hong Kong and the PRC

Sinomax is a leading marketer, manufacturer and distributor of visco-elastic products with prominent international market positions. The employee headcount of the Group is over 3000. Being the second largest supplier of mainstream visco-elastic health and wellness products with a market share of 30.2% in the US, the Group was also ranked first in both Hong Kong and the PRC retail markets of visco-elastic health and wellness products with a market share of 41.9% and 4.4% respectively, each in terms of 2013 retail sales value, according to Frost & Sullivan. Leveraging on its leading market positions, Sinomax is well-positioned to benefit from the market growth in the coming years, in particular, in the Chinese market with highly attractive growth amidst an increasing demand for quality products and a rising awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

Extensive and international sales and distribution network with diverse consumer base

Sinomax sells its products primarily under its flagship brand “SINOMAX” through a far-reaching network in Hong Kong, the PRC and Macau. As at 31 December 2021, its “SINOMAX” products were available at over 130 POS in Hong Kong, PRC and Macau. Internationally, Sinomax also sells a majority of its products to leading retailers in the US which resell such products to consumers through their own retail networks spanning across the US. As at 31 December 2021, the Group’s products were available at over 10,000 POS in the US. The extensive distribution network enables it to reach a diverse consumer base, raise consumer awareness for its brands and promote its branded test products to targeted customers.

Broad range of brands strategically targeted at different customers

Sinomax owns a portfolio of established brands and comprehensive products that are strategically targeted at a wide range of consumer groups and markets, enabling the Group to satisfy consumers with different preferences and needs. The Group’s flagship brand “SINOMAX” has been recognised as providing quality visco-elastic products focused on middle to high end segment in Hong Kong and PRC retail markets since its launch in 2001. In respect of the international markets, the Group’s “ComforZen”, “Dream Serenity”, “SPA Supreme” “Zeosleep” and PureLUX brands target the mainstream visco-elastic health and wellness product market in the US.

Comprehensive product portfolio supported by strong research and development capabilities

With great emphasis on product research and development (R&D), Sinomax has been dedicated to improving existing or developing new visco-elastic material or other polyurethane foams in order to produce new products for its customers’ well-being. Over the years, the Group has expanded the applications of visco-elastic material to a wide variety of products including bath products, automobile accessories and massage chairs. Thanks to its comprehensive product portfolio, the Group is well-equipped to target different consumer segments, expand its consumer base and provide a “one-stop” shopping experience to consumers reinforcing customer loyalty.

Vertically integrated business model that guarantees quality products

Sinomax controls the most critical elements of the value chain from raw material procurement, design, production and marketing to sales through its extensive retail network. The Group’s vertical integration, in particular with its quality control and R&D capabilities, allows it to respond rapidly to changes in market demand, efficiently collaborate on new innovations whilst maintaining uniform standards of product quality. The endorsement of the Group’s “SINOMAX” branded mattresses and mattress toppers by the Chiropractic Doctors’ Association of Hong Kong, and the recognition of the Group’s mattresses by the Hong Kong Consumer Council as top quality are the testimonies of its high quality.

Covestro signs first global agreement to supply TDI to Sinomax

Covestro has signed its first commercial contract for supplying its ISCC Plus certified polyurethane raw material TDI from mass-balanced feedstock to the Group, as it continues to help downstream industries reduce their carbon footprint with a broader portfolio of more sustainable raw materials.